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About Us

Frederick and NathanielF.E. Beal Surveying Company is a small Professional Land Surveying practice based in Rockland, Maine. The Company specializes in all aspects of Land Surveying. We serve the Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties. We offer fast service at competitive prices.

Frederick E. Beal, PLS.
Fred was born, and lives in Rockland, Maine. He started surveying with his father Shirley Beal in the 1950’s. He started his own surveying practice in 1968 and continues to this date. Fred is a second generation Professional Land Surveyor, and one of the first Professional License holders in the State of Maine.

Nathaniel G. Beal, PLS.
Nate was born in Rockland, Maine, and now lives in Union, Maine. He began his surveying career in 1982 working summers for his father, and began his fulltime career in 1989. Nate attended the University of Maine, at Orono and is a graduate of Central Maine Technical College. Nate has been a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor since 1997. As a third generation Professional Land Surveyor Nate continues on with the family tradition.

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